Wood Carports

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A wood carport can be a lovely and functional addition to your home. Some of the benefits of such an addition are obvious while other benefits are less obvious. Everyone has their own reasons for adding a wood carport to an existing dwelling. The most fundamental common denominator is the desire for extra space. However, the desire for extra space can be further broken down into numerous sub categories.

Most people interested in adding a wooden carport to their existing home are simply seeking to shelter their vehicle or vehicles from the elements. Wood carports are most often added when a dwelling has no existing vehicle shelter. Others are happy to shelter their vehicle but are really a constructing a carport made from wood because they are interested in adding additional outdoor storage to their home. These people want a glorified shed-like structure that includes some selves and perhaps some cupboards. There are many carport plans with cupboards and shelves.

Some people have been known to add wood carports in an effort to change the visual aesthetic of their house. These people may have felt the visual appeal of the house felt unbalanced. The addition of a carport can perhaps balance a previous addition that was made earlier to the other side of the house. If the roof of new carport is tied into the existing roof, the addition will act to visually lengthen the house beyond its actual dimensions.

Others may want a carport to contribute to or add some outdoor living space. This type of customer wants a carport for reasons entirely unrelated to a car. In these cases the carport becomes sheltered outdoor living space and not dissimilar to a covered porch. Used in this manner the wood carport can be a simple or elaborate addition to your home. Once constructed, the carport can be furnished to resemble an outdoor living room. In other cases, wood carports can be transformed into lovely outdoor kitchens. It is pretty simple to include a counter top and running water into your new outdoor kitchen. With the addition of a BBQ you are almost set. The only other thing you need is a bar fridge or perhaps some built in ice chests or coolers. Used in this manner your new carport can be a very dramatic addition to your house.

As previously mentioned there are hundreds of good reasons to add a wood carport to your home. Once you have decided to make the addition, for whatever good reason, you must then make a number of different decisions. For example, how will the carport be constructed, what type of roof will the carport have, where will the carport be placed, should I use a carport kit, how long does it take to make a wood carport or where can I find wood carport plans?

Beautiful wood carport plans can be found in a number of locations. The best place to start is a quick internet search. Do a search on the terms “carport wood” or “carport wooden”. There are literally hundreds of carport plans websites that you can browse through. These plans should include everything you will need to know. Some carport plans will even include a tool list and all good plans will include a detailed material list. Make sure the plans include actual photographs of the finished wood carports. Also make sure that the plans have the stamp of a certified engineer or architect.

You can also find good looking wood carport kits online. Much like the carport plans, you will easily find websites for numerous carport kit distributors in a quick internet search. Look for a distributor that is willing to deliver a wood carport kit to your house. Often the cost of delivery is included in the price. In the event you decide to purchase a carport kit you can either build the carport yourself or hire a contractor to build the carport. Most carport distributors will have a list of contractors in your area that have experience assembling their particular brand of wood carport kits. The assembly and construction process should not take longer than 4-5 days.

Carports made from wood can also be built from scratch and no kit is required. Do not build a carport from scratch just to save money. You will find that the lumber required to build a carport will cost about the same as a good quality wooden carport kit.

Wood carport construction can have a number of different roof styles. They can be made with as a single slope wood carport. This type of carport roof is not necessarily integral to the roof line of your home. This roof is handy as it can prevent snow accumulation. Single slope carports are often called lean to carports. This is likely the simplest, easiest and least expensive type of roof to choose.

There are also very beautiful gable roof wood carports. This type of roof is very dignified and classic. It looks more expensive and is more expensive than other types of carport roof. The addition of this type of carport to your home will give your home added value. Not only will you get the benefit and pleasure of a carport but it will also greatly increase the value of your home relative to other types of carports. This type of carport will make your home look more elegant and thereby more expensive.

As you can see from the above mentioned, there are plenty of things to consider when adding a wood carport to your home. A carport made from wood is a great idea. It can be used for many purposes including providing your vehicles with good shelter from the elements such as rain, sun and snow. This kind of carport can be simple or you can make a beautiful wood carport. You will have your choice of a number of different roof lines. You can find plans online, you can build from scratch or you can by a kit. There are many different aspect about and ways of getting a wood carport.

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