Value & Versatility of Metal Carports

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Metal carports are versatile structures because they can be used to cover cars, boats, motorcycles, RVs, tractors, lawn mowers, and other equipment.  A carport can add many years to the life and appearance of your vehicles and equipment.  Exposure to the elements can damage more than just the exterior of your vehicles.  Scraping ice off the windshield of a car in below zero temperatures doesn’t seem pleasant either.  The most important thing to remember is to first consult with your local zoning office to make sure it is allowed and to apply for a permit if one is needed.

There are many types of metal carports to choose from including aluminum and steel.  A steel carport is by far more durable but it is very expensive to purchase.  Do-it-yourself aluminum carports are less expensive to purchase and much easier to assemble.  Be sure to properly secure your structure regardless of the material especially if you live in an area that sees strong storms and high winds.  The last thing you want is your structure collapsing over property and equipment of value.

Metal Carports ideas 2019 2020
Metal Carports ideas 2019 2020

Carport structures can also be used as a covered working area.  Lighting can easily be installed to make the area more functional during the day and night.  The metal cover is perfect for working on cars, woodworking, or just hanging out under protection from outdoor conditions.  Many homeowners use covered areas for entertaining and gatherings so they can enjoy their outdoor areas regardless of the elements.

Metal Carports ideas 2019 2020 1
Metal Carports ideas 2019 2020

A solid metal carport should be made of aluminum panels anchored by steel posts.  This type of construction should have no problem withstanding winds up to 80 mph.  A well installed structure made with these materials should also have no problem holding up to 40 lbs of weight which means it can support the weight of snow but not in excess amounts.  Iron carports are more expensive to purchase but they do last longer and are much easier to maintain.  Galvanized steel products have a zinc coating which helps prevent rust from salt or moisture exposure.  A one-piece roof is recommended to increase the strength of the structure especially in areas of unpredictable weather.

A covered structure can be placed on just about any surface and can be installed adjacent to another structure or in the middle of an open area.  When looking at metal carports for sale whether online or in town, always pay attention to the steel frame’s gauge, the number indicates the density of the steel and refers to the strength and sturdiness of the structure.  The higher the number, the sturdier the product will be.  If you are going to spend a good amount of money on a structure you need to make sure it will give you a return for your money.  It is safe to say that most metal structures are durable but the gauge is a way to compare products until you find one that meets your budget while also being sturdy and strong for many years to come.

Metal Carports ideas 2019 2020 2
Metal Carports ideas 2019 2020 2

Metal car cover kits can be found at local distributors or online.  In addition, most metal carport kits are designed to be easily assembled and installed with minimal experience and tools.  Always follow the product recommendations for prepping of the area where you wish to place your structure.  This will help prevent adjustments later once the structure is in place.  A level and well installed metal carport should last you many years and withstand reasonable weather conditions.  It is not recommended that you use a metal structure in an area that deals with extreme weather conditions like hurricanes, tornados, and high winds.  Your local code enforcement office will be able to tell you if a metal structure is recommended in your area.  A portable carport may be recommended instead and can be put away during inclement weather.

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