Tips for Buying Metal Frame Carports

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You see them offered for installation in almost every city across America: metal frame carports. The metal frame carport is becoming a key convenience that people add in order to increase storage space and protect their valuable possessions from the elements at the fraction of garage installation cost.  Timber frame carports are also fairly easy to install but they don’t last as long as metal materials and they tend to be more costly to purchase.

A carport, unlike a garage, is not fully enclosed. It can be enclosed on at least three sides, and generally requires fewer building permits and less site work to add to a property. Because they are pre-fabricated, purchase and installation can happen for as little as a thousand dollars.

Carports come in many different styles and designs. You can find portable carport designs, which are generally a metal frame with a highly durable fabric skin. These light weight units are easy to put up, and generally very durable. It is critical to remember that they are not a permanent installation and that truly severe weather can damage or destroy a portable shelter. In mild climates, they can work in lieu of a building for many years.

The more classic, permanently installed steel frame carports are offered by a number of quality manufacturers across the country. Some of these manufacturers specialize in the smaller, single vehicle units while others offer up to a dozen designs, including carports adequate in size to house recreational vehicles to ones that are designed as working two-story barns.

While metal carports for sale can be found across the country, manufacturers tend to be found in the southeast and Midwest. Some of the companies that sell metal carport kits include: VersaTube, American Prefabricated, Armstrong Aluminum, Superior Portable Buildings, Future Steel Buildings, and American Metal. Many manufacturers have relationships with contractors across the country, and offer special packages that include site preparation and installation.

Whether you intend to do it yourself or have a contractor do your shelter installation, it is important that you make some decisions upfront about placement, style and use. For some applications, the critical pieces are simply the frame, roof and roof skirting. For other uses, you may want to consider full wall kits and even doors, rendering your metal frame carports virtually indistinguishable from a stick-built garage, other than the material.  It is also important to do your research. Whether you deal with a local installer or are ordering a kit from across the country, check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure you are doing business with a reputable company.

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