Ski Boat Cover

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Ski Boat Cover – If your ski boat is sitting outside your home on a trailer or if you have it in a marina, the main thing you want to do is make sure it is covered

Ski Boat Cover

If your ski boat is sitting outside your home on a trailer or if you have it in a marina, the main thing you want to do is make sure it is covered. The exposure to the elements can have an undesirable effect on your boat. This can make it cost more to maintain and if you should decide in the future you want to sell it, the resell value will be less for one that has been exposed to all the harmful elements. The use of a ski boat cover is essential for storing. They can be made to cover the whole boat for storing and towing and will fit over the ski poles and towers.

Sunbrella Boat Covers

Sunbrella boat covers are one of the best choices for covering your boat. The materials used for their boat covers are a breathable fabric which keeps moisture from gathering underneath. This can cause mildew and mold. The Sunbrella brand has developed a woven material that will repel water 25% more than other brands. Their warranty is a 10 year warranty and the choice of colors to match your boat is available as well.

Pontoon Boat Covers

Pontoon boat covers are specifically designed to fit your pontoon. Measuring your boat is the way to find what size you need. Start by measuring from the front to the back of the boat. Do not forget the canopy. If it extends past the back o the railing or over the deck you will have to add to the length to take this into consideration.

There is no need to measure the railing. The only part you will have to worry about is the length without the tubes included in this measurement. Everything that will be covered is the important part to measure.

Boat Covers Bimini Tops

You will not have to worry about the sun when purchasing a bimini top. The top will provide the shade needed to keep the sun’s UV rays from becoming dangerous. There are also bimini tops that allow you to see over your windshield rather than just through it. The tops allow more air circulation while in place. Another good thing is they can be mounted anywhere on the boat.

Boat Cover Fabric

Boat cover fabric can be made from a variety of materials. One is a cotton canvas boat duck. This is 100% cotton and is not recommended for covering when you are trailering the boat. They are used mainly because they are not expensive and it is quite breathable. They are water resistant due to a repellent being added when the cover is manufactured.

Another material is 100% polyester. This should only be used in climates that are not humid. The material is light weight and this is a good fabric for places where there is a lot of sun and keeps small dust particles out well.

A half polyester and half cotton combination is a good choice for storage or moving the ski boat. This is probably the material most used by those who purchase boat covers. The covers have the breathing ability of cotton and the strength of polyester.

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