Pole Barn Kits

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Pole Building Kits Include:

♦ UC4B Foundation Posts or Laminated Posts
♦ #1 SYP 2×8 UC4A grade boards
♦ #2 or better 2×4 girts and purlins
♦ #1 SYP truss carriers
♦ Wind, lateral, corner, and sway bracing,
♦ Pre engineered trusses
♦ 29 gauge Pro Rib Wall Metal & Trim
♦ 29 gauge Pro Rib Roof Metal
♦ Fasteners
♦ Engineer Stamped or Non-Stamped Structural Plans

Our diy pole barn kits include material delivery in 10 business days in many areas. We provide structural plans, a detailed material list, shipping schedule and the right materials for your project. Your kit can be designed to compliment most any need. Metal siding and roofing are most commonly used and with the right selection of colors provides a beautiful structure that is affordable. Available nationwide including Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado.

Pole barn kits are available for do-it-yourself pole barn construction. Evaluating the quality of components is only the beginning to completing a successful purchase. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Quality Materials
  • Foundation Posts & Columns
  • Quality Steel Siding & Roofing
  • Complete Trim Package
  • Selection & Purchase of Doors
  • Pole Barn Insulation

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