Pole Barn Construction Techniques

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Pole barn construction techniques have evolved a lot since the first pole barn has been constructed; even so the techniques are still evolving in order to become less time consuming, this being a very important factor, and a lot more accessible for all the people to use so that they wouldn’t have to hire anyone when they want to build a pole barn or a pole barn home and so on.

Before beginning the main construction of a pole barn there are a number of factors, which have to be taken into consideration, because do to them the techniques used to build the pole barn vary. The first and probably the most important factor that has to be taken into consideration is the environment in which the pole barn will be built. For example if the area is humid then you won’t be able to use wood in order to build your pole barn because wood tends to rot very fast, also if you use metal it may rust so you probably have to try and use stainless steel.

The second factor that affects the pole barn construction techniques and you must take in consideration is what do you intend to store in the building after it will be finished, because if you want to keep animals in it you will probably have to use wood so that the animals won’t hurt themselves, also if you think of storing tools then you may use metal as a building material in order to insulate the items inside against lightning.

Pole barn construction techniques are also affected by two other factors, security and aesthetic appearance, which come into play once the pole barn is build but even so you still have to take them into consideration, because if you build your pole barn out of wood it will be easier to break into by thieves but it may be a lot better looking that a metal one.

Pole barn construction techniques are relatively easy to use, once you choose the material of your pole barn you will have to place the poles about 2 feet to 10 feet apart depending on what material you have decided on. For a metal pole barn you will have to place the poles closer so that the metal won’t bend and if you use wood you can place the poles with a spacing of up to 10 feet depending on the length of the boards you will chose. After the poles have been placed into position, from 2 feet up to 10 feet as said the digging begins and for each pole you have to dig up a hole of at least 18 inches deep.

The next step is placing the poles inside the holes that you just made and if you chose to have a foundation you have to add it now as well.After the foundation is placed you begin adding the materials used for the sides of the pole barn, the next step after the sides are done will be the adding of the roof and of a basic door.

After you master these simple pole barn construction techniques you will be able to build your one pole barn without asking for help or hiring anyone to do it for you, thus giving you an even bigger satisfaction.

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