Metal Storage Buildings

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Today’s population is more mobile than in previous generations. We move more often and many times further than our parents or grandparents ever did. That tendency to relocate several times means we find ourselves in a variety of different homes and spaces.

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Some of those places have ample storage and some are only temporary resting spots while we wait to move on. In cases like that, many people find themselves in need of storage space. One of the easiest long term solutions for that need is to invest in a portable metal storage building.

Why Make it Metal?

Metal storage buildings come with lower upfront costs as well as savings for the long term. When compared with building materials such as wood lumber, metal buildings can cost up to fifty percent less to construct than wood structures. They can stand up to wind and weather better and have fewer maintenance needs than other types of building material. Metal is more durable in more situations and makes for a longer lasting structure.

Metal buildings are also a better environmental choice. Most of the companies producing these structures use a high percentage of recycled materials in their construction. Should you ever have to take down a metal storage building, the used metal is also recyclable.

Why Make It Portable?

Moving around makes the need for portable storage options even greater. Having the means to store valuable belongings no matter what type of home you end up in takes some of the worry out of relocating. These buildings are constructed on two skids, making them easy to move around in your current location and also easy to move miles away.

What Kind of Building Can I Get?

The real beauty of portable storage buildings is you can buy one ready-made or you can customize the design to your own needs. With the options that are available in the market today, you can customize almost anything you want in your structure. Should you require a unique size or design you can send the dimensions you are looking for to the manufacturer and have a building created that meets what you need. Or you can choose from the selection of designs that are already constructed.

With most manufacturers, the available selection of portable storage buildings starts on the small end with an 8 x 8. From that size you can go up to a 16 x 24 or even larger should you need more space for what you are storing. The building you select can be delivered to you already constructed or you can have them built on site. You can also handle the construction yourself if you choose. The buildings come with a set of detailed instructions for assembly that you can follow when putting the building together yourself. Should you not feel comfortable with doing it alone, you can always opt to have someone else build it for you.

There are a number of items you can customize to your particular needs, including doors, windows and optional additional material such as insulation. In most cases custom constructed buildings can be completed in a short amount of time, so getting what you need does not take forever.

In most cases there are three types of doors you can choose to install:

· standard walk-in door
· double door
· roll-up door

The roll-up door and the double door can accommodate larger objects into your storage area. If you are placing motorcycles, ATVs or other valuables of that size and shape, having such a door makes storage an easy in and out.

Another option you may want to consider when you purchase a storage building is whether or not to install windows. If you are looking for security or protection from the weather you may not wish to have any. But if your building is a place where you will be in and out of, or working from, having one or more windows might be something you want to consider.

Something else you should keep in mind is the weather conditions and how your items in storage will hold up to them in the building you choose. Making the decision whether or not to invest in putting insulation in the one you select can affect the price you pay up front, but it can also protect your valuables or leave them unprotected against the consequences of the weather outside. Adding insulation can keep certain items that may be vulnerable to cold or to temperature changes from deteriorating over the time they are stored. Many older items and keepsakes made of organic materials can be greatly affected by the cycle of freezing and warming that the seasons would create inside your building. Likewise, non-insulated structures can sometimes “sweat” when the temperature outside is hot. The moisture from this condition can damage certain items you may have stored inside. Knowing what the effects of different temperatures and weather conditions are on what you plan to store can help you determine if adding the cost of insulation is worthwhile.

If you are choosing a portable storage building to use as a workshop, you would probably want to consider investing in both windows and insulation. These additions to the building will make it more comfortable for you to work in.

Once you have acquired the right building for you, the fact that it is portable means you don’t have to go through the worry and hassle of finding such a space again. Metal portable storage buildings have a long life span and are made to hold up to the stress of moving from place to place. Because of that design, they won’t fall apart on you when you move them and won’t be a wasted investment. Instead, they will provide you with the storage or work area you need no matter where you move to. That’s the real beauty of investing in a portable metal storage building for all your needs.

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