Metal RV Covers

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Covering Your Assets with Metal RV Covers. Portable Rv Covers are an excellent way to protect your RV from the harsh elements and sun light.

If you’ve purchased an RV, then the monetary investment you have made is substantial and you want to be sure to shelter and protect your acquisition from the elements in every season, especially in the months when you aren’t using it.

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Sun, snow, rain and hail can do costly damage to your recreational vehicle and even if it’s covered by a good insurance policy, it’s worth an ounce of protection to store it under a metal cover than to have to spend a pound of cure on repairing it in the aftermath of your gamble. One of the most cost effective and useful ways to store a recreational vehicle is with a metal RV cover.

Most recreational vehicle sales locations will either have metal storage covers for sale to go with the purchase of the RV, or they can recommend a local company who are able to provide the metal storage cover for a reasonable price and include installation of the unit for the customer. Another option for the client is to purchase a metal RV cover online and install it on their own or hire an independent contractor to build it.

Like portable metal carports, steel RV covers come in a triad of styles. The first is the Regular style, the second is the Box Eave Horizontal style, and the third is the Box Eave Vertical Style. The Vertical Style is especially useful for geographic locations where there is frequent heavy wet weather in the form of rain or snow, as it slides off the roof easier than the Horizontal style. RV covers are available in a multitude of colors and can be altered to add metal sides to one or more sides, if so desired by the customer.

They are available in varying widths and lengths, depending on the customer’s requirements. Some people prefer to have an open gable end while some like a closed gable end or the unit can be completely enclosed. For enclosed cover structures, some companies offer garage doors in both manual and electric. Any unit that is purchased should be able to be customized as per the customer’s preferences.

Construction Materials & Measurements

RV covers, like portable metal carports, are made of durable steel. The poles are either 12 gauge or 14 gauge galvanized steel. The difference between the two is that the 12 gauge steel poles are 1/300th of an inch thicker than the 14 gauge style. The 12 gauge are measured at 2 1/4″x 2 1/4″ and the 14 gauge are 2 1/2″x 2 1/2″ in measurement. The roof and wall panels are 29 gauge galvanized steel. Widths are generally 12′-24′ feet, and typical lengths extend to either 26′-41′ feet, although moderations can be made to both width and length to suit the customer’s needs.


The first step in purchasing and installing a durable steel RV cover is to contact the county officials in the location where the unit will be installed, in order to determine what zoning regulations, building codes or construction criteria there may be. It is probable that a building permit will need to be acquired before construction begins. There can be guidelines or requirements regarding the snow load rating, seismic rating, wind load or flood load rating of the building materials. In some locations a fire rating may also be required if the RV cover is built within close proximity of another structure or residence.

In most cases, it’s best to have an experienced and trained installation professional construct the RV cover unit on its foundation, rather than trying to take on the monumental task of erecting it on ones own and risking improper construction which could fail to meet the requirements set forth in the building permit or, in the case of RV cover kits, the materials may not come with instructions or warranty. It’s important to remember that due to the height aspects of constructing such a unit, that the builder is more susceptible to sustaining a serious injury, and therefore procuring the services of a trained installation specialist is strongly recommended.

It’s very important that the area upon which the unit will be constructed is leveled to within four inches of variable height. If the difference in the terrain gradient is more than four inches, there will likely be additional cost charged to the client for modification of the unit or the foundation to enable completion of the construction. Units may be built upon several different kinds of foundations, including concrete slabs, natural stone, earth, asphalt or wood. In the case of all of these foundations save the wooden base, the metal RV cover would be secured by digging holes and inserting wedge anchors into the holes. A wooden foundation would be secured with drilled holes and lag bolts.

Though most metal RV covers are constructed as prefab or pre-engineered units, customization of covers is available, particularly for recreational vehicles that may have a slideout element, it is recommended that the width of the metal cover be extended to 18′ feet, which will allow extra room to maneuver the large vehicle or to extend and open the slideout without causing damage or leaving it vulnerable to being exposed to harsh weather.

Where can a metal RV cover be purchased?

RV covers can be purchased at thousands of locations around the United States or online as a ‘do it yourself’ kit. Most locations will offer free installation with the purchase of the unit; however, there can be additional charges for modified installation or special circumstances with the delivery or construction of the metal cover. The merchant of the metal RV cover may refer the client to a subcontractor who could be employed to install the unit.

There are many construction department stores as well as smaller local companies around the nation that offer raw materials or self-construct kits that may be used to build a metal RV cover, but as mentioned previously, it is advised that an installation professional provide construction services in building the unit for the customer.

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