Metal Post and Beam Carports and Beyond

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Metal post and beam carports may be a useful alternative to traditional garages. They require less work and are less disruptive than starting construction on an addition to a home. Some people hire professionals to create or build a metal post and beam carport. However, kits can be purchased for the individual consumer to install one without the extra cost of hiring a contractor.

Carport can be lean-to or free standing so there is no need to leave home during construction. In a free standing shelter, the metal carport posts will support the entire structure. It will not be nearly as messy as a garage or lean-to metal carports. A lean-to shelter is attached to the home, but does not require very much material. Therefore, it is still often a better option than building a traditional garage.

Regardless of the type of carport one chooses, there are some important considerations to make. The consumer will need to know how thick they need each metal carport post to be. Typically, people with homes in windy or snowy areas will need to find the thickest metal post carports that make up the frame. The metal is usually steel. With a stronger frame, the heavy burden of snow on a roof will be easier to bear.

High winds also necessitate a thicker frame. People in high wind areas also need to consider how they will anchor a detached carport. That will be established by examining the ground where the carport will be placed. For instance, if it will be placed in gravel then a rebar measuring approximately 30 inches will be necessary. A rebar is a metal rod or bar that is used for reinforcement.

It is also important to figure out the best size for carport. Carports can generally fit one or two mid-sized cars. People with larger vehicles should also be able to find a carport that works for them. There are some that can hold a camper or RV. The size of the area where the carport will be installed will also determine how large or small the structure must to be. The smallest carport, that fits one family car, has four to six legs or support beams. A medium sized one has eight legs and a larger one has ten legs.

There are many advantages to choosing metal post and beam carports. One advantage is that it makes less mess than adding a garage or extra room to a house. It also can either be done by a professional or installed by the consumer.

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