Metal Carport Kits

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Metal carport kits offer homeowners an excellent alternative to the traditional or standard garage that is typically part of a home.  Parking your car or truck on the street, exposes your vehicle to the elements. Quite a lot of damage can be done including the gradual fading of the paint finish from long-term sun exposure to severe dents from hail. Kids and teens playing in the street can also hit your vehicle with things like skateboards and baseballs.,

A carport is a structure for sheltering your vehicle that either stands alone or is attached to your house. Because it is not completely enclosed and does not feature a locking door, a carport is inexpensive and quite easy to build, and it will also add to the resale value of your home. There are wooden, canvas, vinyl, and metal carports, among others. One of the most durable, cheapest and easiest to build is a metal carport kit.  You can also choose to build one yourself from the many metal carport plans available for sale today.

Metal carport kits

use slip joint connectors, so the assembly is straightforward and simple. You can install one right on bare ground, and typically the only tools you need are a drill and a saw. The best carport kits use galvanized steel, and have warranties for at least ten years covering the frames and panels. Aluminum can also be used and looks nicer, but is much weaker. The kits can be shipped to you at a reasonable price, so you should comparison-shop online. Make sure you get a kit that can be installed by just two people, who are not construction experts.

There is a lot of variation is the design of metal carport covers. For example, if you live in an area where the snow load exceeds 45 PSF, you should get a design with a metal roof that has a slant to it so the snow will easily slide off. Other covers include rounded metal or canvas, which is the least expensive. A lot of metal carport designs also include gable ends to improve the aesthetic appearance of your carport. The size of a carport is usually about twelve feet wide, twenty feet long, and five feet high. The width is about eighteen feet if the design is for two cars. Your choice of design depends mostly on what is permitted in your area and what your space and budgetary needs are.

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