Metal Carport Designs

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Metal carport designs offer a large variety of stationary options for your home, business or recreational vehicles. Carports are available in many sizes including ones that can easily fit a large semi truck or small ones that fit just outside of your door for the family car.  You can choose to handle the installation of a kit on your own or hire a professional contractor to install the structure for you.

When weather such as extreme wind, rain or snow is a factor, the best choice for a carport material is metal.  Metal carports are usually anchored structures that may need to meet local codes or standards and you may need to file for the appropriate zoning permits, depending on where you live.  There are many manufacturers of metal carport kits that will customize a structure so that it will meet the building specifications of your area.  The structures can also be customized to a specific color preference or style that can better match the other buildings on your property.

There are many different types of metal carport design plans available.  The two main choices you will run into are either free standing or attached.  Attached shelters need to be installed with one side supported by your home or another sturdy building.  They can also come in various widths and lengths to accommodate more than one car or to fit additional storage in the rear.  When choosing between the various metal carport plans, there are some different roof styles that you will run into.  The basic roof is like an A frame which looks more like most home frames.  There are some really modern designs that have sculpted roofs, and can include solar panels to power your home or just the carport area.  The sloped roof top is a good choice for areas with heavy snow or rain because it allows for easy run off.

If considering a metal carport kit for your boat or sports utility vehicle make sure to have enough clearance for accessing and exiting the vehicle.  Many carport plans include lighting and rafter options for additional storage.  Some of the most popular sizes or standard sizes you will see are 10′ x 40′ wide, 7′ x 12′ high, and the length can be as long as you want.  Carport options are pretty much endless and you can choose one because of your budget, size, style, or installation restrictions.  Regardless of which one you choose, you should have a satisfactory shelter for any type of vehicle.

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