Helpful Tips for Pole Barns

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Some helpful hints: Know the facts prior to “Investing”:

Note: Our structure is your structure customized to suit you. We design and build each structure to our “Customers wants and needs”. This is your Building, your dream, and your investment. This is the way it should be.

In other words, you shouldn’t have to settle for their “size” or some “popular prefabricated size”. Nor, should you incur some ridiculously drastic price increase when slightly modifying some size “they offer” or perhaps alter a “door location” or “door size” verses what “they” chose for you.

Another clue to watch for:

Let’s face it:- Every structure designed should have minimal waste. But, waste should never be used, nor materials categorized as “seconds” or “rejected”.

Yet, sadly enough, many companies utilize such products or waste to benefit them.

Pole Barns/Buildings Will never, ever install “leftovers” from a previous site or previous design on your structure; nor, will we ever install leftovers from your structure on any other. In fact, all your materials for your structure will be ordered specifically and only for your structure direct from the Manufacturer or Supplier as well as shipped direct to your site by the Manufacturers/Suppliers.

We do not house, pre-cut, nor store materials in some “Warehouse”. In fact, all non factory cuts will be performed on your site. This is the first time our employee’s or any affiliate of Pole Barns/Buildings have the opportunity or privilege to handle your materials.

We do not use or pass off “seconds” or “rejected” materials to our Customers, nor do we purchase any through Suppliers or Manufacturers. We will design each “gable/end wall” panel to run as one full continuous panel from the rat guard/base guard to the top of the gable wall. We will not piece, seam or overlap lengths to reach the top. If you would like a seam or trim separating the eave wall height from the gable height on your gable walls, we will gladly design it that way and place the order from the manufacturer accordingly.

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