Carports and Garages

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The purchase of a new vehicle is a commitment that is only surpassed by home ownership. The average consumer will spend around 17% of there income on the operating costs and maintenance of there vehicle. That is more than most people spend to put food on the table! It makes sense we invest so much in our rides when you consider how dependent we have become on the freedom that vehicle ownership gives us.

We spend so much of our income on our cars, that we can not question the importance of proper storage and care. Your car has the same basic necessities that humans do; fuel, shelter, and a little love. Everyone knows proper maintenance is essential to keep the inner workings of your vehicle going strong. What is just as important, and often forgotten, is the proper storage of your vehicle.

A quality carport and garage can extend the life of your vehicle beyond the average expectancy of 10 years, 100,000 miles. More often than not people trade in that “old beater” just because they are tired of looking at it, not because it no longer functions properly. The difference between that “old beater” and the shiny new ride that used to be loved is shelter.

There are several types of carports and garages to choose from. It is important to understand the climate in which you live so you can choose the proper type of carport or garage that you need. If you live in the desert where sun is your biggest concern, an open metal carport with a roof might be all you need. However, if you live in an area that receives a lot of precipitation, a fully enclosed garage might be right for you.

A carport and garages too, can also provide you with another priceless commodity, peace of mind. Compulsory car insurance laws vary depending on where you live. Keep in mind, simply having car insurance does not guarantee protection from everything mother nature can dish out either. Basic insurance does not cover damage that can be caused by hail or falling branches for example. Even if you have comprehensive coverage, glass may not be included in your standard package. Thankfully, many home owners’ police forces already protect garages, or can be made to do so at little cost. The investment in metal carports and garages will certainly help retain the quality and resale value of your vehicle, but also can increase the value of your home. Having a place to protect 17% of your income is a sound investment for any home owner.

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