Carport Plans 2020

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I have found a few websites with carport plans. The cheapest I have found so far is a set of 4 carport plans for $247.00US. That seems a bit pricey to me but I guess somebody must be paying that price.

In my search for a set of carport plans I began to realize that I need to make some decisions about what type of roof would be the most practical and attractive. If the carport is going to attach to my house then I need to consider water and snow run off. This would eliminate a hip roof as snow would accumulate at the wall of my house. I suppose this would also eliminate a gable roof as well unless I rotated the roof 90 degrees. I think a rotated gable roof might look a bit funny and most carport plans don’t accommodate for that. The roof would need to be pretty high to keep the same slope. I guess that means that I might be limited to a lean-to type of roof or a flat roof. So far I haven’t found any carport plans for a lean-to type of roof. I have seen a few double carport designs, but I am only going to be building a one-car carport.

Although I expect that I won’t purchase carport plans online I have found that searching for the same has been very helpful. Each time I see another picture of a carport or another carport design it helps to define what I’m looking for. What would I do without the internet. This is my second day devoted to researching carports and I haven’t left my home. Tomorrow I need to get to Home Depot and start talking to some real people about design and costs. However, for the balance of the day, I am going to continue researching carport designs online.

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