Carport Designers – Few Tips To Design A Carport

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What is a Carport:

The term “carport” was first used by reputed architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1936. A carport is sheltered structure for cars and vehicles to protect them from weathering effects like sun, wind, snow and rain. Unlike a garage it is not covered from four sides but has two sides in typical instances as a result of which it is less expensive to construct. Carports come in different materials depending on the situational and financial requirements. Commonly used maters include steel, wood, aluminum, vinyl, polyester etc. A carport with the solar panel is indeed an added advantage to the household.

Metal carport and its advantages:

The advantages of metal carport are too many and that is why it has gained utmost popularity over time.

It can be well customized in accordance with demands. Its construction is quick, easy and simple compared to its rival namely wood carports. Weathering has little effect on its stamina. It really adds value to the land where it is installed. Maintenance cost is considerably lower.

Where to Look for Steel Car Port Design Ideas:

Steel carport can be considered the ideal choice for building a carport if the money is not a big constraint. Its longevity, versatility, strength and elegance are to be found in no other materials used in carport. It can be molded to different shapes and ideas rendering an elegant carport.

Top 3 Metal Carports Design:

There can be different types of Metal Carports based on the requirement and the choice of the owner. Here we will give you three excellent metal carport design namely single slope carport, carport made of commercial metal and customized metal carports.

  1. Single slope metallic carport: This kind of carport is very simple structured, strong and popular among many people. Generally this type of carport is used to shelter domestic cars and to be noticed in households. It is very durable and last for years after years with little or no maintenance. It is not very expensive either. That is why it has got high demands in the carport market.
  2. Carport made of commercial metal: This type is used for commercial purposes such as office, factories, hospitals, movie theatres as well as residential complexes. Parking spaces with the capacity of 500 or more make use of this kind metal in their carport. Its installation cost is rather cost effective therefore the return on investment is quite handsome.
  3. Customized metal carport: The main advantage of customized metal carport is that the structure can be altered at any point of time with minimum amount of expense if the requirement changes with time. It can also be turned into something else like storage space work areas or something alike if the usage of the carport does not exist anymore.


From the discussion it is clear that metal with its multiple and valuable advantages is the ideal for the construction of a carport and therefore there is no wonder that it has always passed the taste of time.

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