Carport Building Permit

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Yup, it’s necessary. After a quick call to City Hall, I learned my first step in this process is to acquire a building permit. There is a nominal fee and I will have to have it and my carport plans inspected by a city engineer at some point this summer.

The woman at City Hall ensured me that the process was simple and not very arduous. She also suggested that I speak to a City engineer before starting the carport project in order to avoid common mistakes which would necessarily increase my costs. That is a good idea.

Today I’m going to put some more effort into finding carport information online. If I have enough time I might go to Home Depot or Lowes to see what they may offer in the way of pre-fab carport kits or carport design kits. Although I won’t have time today, I think I may also solicit some bids from area contractors.

I hope I can maintain my enthuisiasm about this project. I feel like starting to build today.

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