Attached Carports

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Carports can come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and form factors, in this article we’ll be addressing what is commonly known as an attached carport, or otherwise known as a lean-to shed. Attached carports are exactly what they sound like; these particular styles of carports are designed to be a convenient and cost effective addition to an existing building or home. So instead of taking up valuable space somewhere else on the property or avoiding what some may view as an eyesore, attached carports allow for a more visually appealing alternative to the traditional carport or expensive garage addition. They can also help increase the value of a home much more than a standalone carport could ever do.

Attached carports can be added to an existing building or unit such as an extension of a pre existing garage, or as a convenient attachment to a barn for giving shelter to expensive farming equipment, or even a simple shed, and of course the most common is the side of a home. These types of carports can allow for economical shelter for any sort of automobile or vehicles, as well as garden tractors, various styles and sizes of boats or any other equipment you simple lack the proper storage for. An attached carport is also very easy to assemble against the side of any given building whether it’s by yourself or with a few helping hands provided you have enough room and height below the current building eave.

While this isn’t a how to guide, if you intend to assemble an attached carport yourself I would advise you have some helping hands whether it be hired help or not, as many of these part are very heavy and unwieldy. If you can afford it thought I would advise having someone; ideally a professional, come take a look and give you an assessment for look, cost, and advisement before making any purchases or serious decisions. In addition to this, you should if possible, do some basic measurements yourself, even more so if you intend to do the work. For example, a standard carport dimension is 11 feet wide by 20 feet long, you very well may desire to construct yours longer or wider depending on your needs. Keep in mind though that anything shorter or narrower may not fit your car. The carport height has to be the same as the eaves of the roof that way the top of the carport will line up and fit exactly where it should.

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  1. Paul says:

    need carport attached to existing garage with std. 8/12 asphalt roof (app. 20′ x 24′).call 214/886-5030

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